The Love Story

On Sunday, June 11, 1995, Rev. Louis Campbell II, along with six other individuals organized LOVE Missionary Baptist Church in the Days Inn Hotel and held services in one of the banquet rooms weekly.  The six founder members along with Pastor Campbell were, Deacon Louis Campbell Sr., Sis. Sammestien Campbell, Bro. Damond Campbell, First Lady Neva Campbell, Bro. Reginald Jackson and Sis. Carla Jackson. 

The church was name LOVE Missionary Baptist Church (LOVE) because the pastor knew that God is LOVE and it is necessary to project LOVE through spreading the gospel of Jesus The Christ, bringing relief to the poor and beautification of the neighborhood. 

Love remained in the Days Inn Hotel until we moved into a store front facility in 1998.  LOVE remained in the store front location until we moved into our current location on Cosby street.  As a collective body, we were able to pay-off the building we purchased within a 5 year time span.  As a result of the vision given Pastor Campbell  LOVE has since been able to purchase property for a fellowship hall directly across the street and pay it off within a 3 year time span.  God once again gave Pastor Campbell a vision to purchase  two properties directly behind our current church, so that we can begin to “Build and Expand  For The Future!”

Today, LOVE serves more than 50 families and the community in which it is in through many outreach efforts.  Armed with the word of God, a love for God and His people, a zeal for saving the lost and a gracious demeanor, Pastor Campbell continues to lead this congregation with uncompromising biblical instruction under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.  New ministries have been forged and continue to develop. 

May the history books reflect, as the LOVE congregation prepares for the years ahead, plans for building for the future are predominant, with God’s directive to engage the community through prayer, perseverance, proclaiming and praising Jesus Christ our Lord.

Members of LOVE that have packed their bags, folded their tent and went to heaven:

Robert Baker                                      Mama Jessie

George Campbell Sr.                        Darlene Reedy

Deacon Louis Campbell Sr.            John Spikes

Verda Ruth Campbell                       Shirley Thomas

Alvin Harvey                                      Kenneth Wayne Wiley

Joyce Jackson                                    Deacon Bruce White