Christian Education & Spiritual Enrichment Ministries

Christian Education

Christian Education offers classes throughout the church calendar year that are biblically based, real and relevant in meeting the needs of the congregants to mature in their relationship with God and others. The Goal is to ‘Minister To The Total Need Of Man’

Prayer Ministry (Sanctuary)

Our Prayer Ministry meets ever Tuesday from 6:15 pm to 6:45 pm in the main sanctuary for intercessory prayer. In the event of inclement weather, we will meet and pray using the telephone conference call in line.

Sunday School

Sunday School classes are offered every Sunday from 9:00 am to 9:45 am. Sunday School classes give all ages the opportunity to study and discuss God’s Word as a family. Join other disciples to learn and grow through God’s Word.

Vacation Bible School

Vacation Bible School (VBS) provides a unique approach to learning the Bible and retaining an understanding of Godly principles presented in the Word of God. VBS in designed to increase excitement and participation in the church. VBS is open to our entire community which allows for an environment of early spiritual growth, produces a great opportunity for outreach and give members and non-members a greater opportunity for fellowship.

Evangelism & Well Being Ministries


The Benevolence Ministry is to demonstrate God’s love through meeting the needs of people who are facing financial difficulties. The Benevolence Team gives direction to help people who are facing hard times due to external influences or bad life choices, but who have the potential and the desire to become responsible individuals.

Food Closet

The Food Closet Ministry helps members and non-members in the community when financial struggles have left them in an emergency situation. These outreach efforts are to help remove the household insecurity of having insufficient or depleted food resources.

Activities, Events, and Media Ministry


The Audio/Visual Ministry of Trinity welcomes new members (ages 14 & up). Training and on-going support provided. The Ministry is responsible for setup, maintenance, coordination, and operation of the church’s audiovisual technology used during services, programs and other special on-and-off site events.


Culinary Arts

The Culinary Arts Ministry provides service for approved church events/functions that are nutritious yet tasteful and served in a Christian hospitable manner/environment.

Marketing/Public Relations/Social Media

The Marketing/Public Relations/Social Media ministry serves our Pastor, Director of Ministries, church leadership, our congregation and community through Effective, Efficient and Exciting communication through in-house on-screen projection, social media and commercials to assist LOVE in reaching internal and external audiences.

Shepherd’s Care (Pastor’s Aide)

The Shepherd’s Care Ministry provides and/or assists the pastor with whatever he needs or requests.
This ministry supports the pastor spiritually by praying for him and emotionally by providing for his
pulpit needs. This ministry also spearheads the church’s efforts in celebrating the Pastor’s Birthday and other special occasions.

Church Family Life Ministry


The water Baptism Ministry assists each new believer in Jesus Christ in preparation for water baptism. This ministry reaches out to all who have requested to be baptized for heart, mind and clothing preparation for their New Life Celebration.


The Brotherhood Ministry consist of all male members of the church, united together for the common purpose of brotherly fellowship and Ministering To The Total Need Of Man in our community. The Brotherhood supports, aids and assists all ministries whenever needed.

New Members

The New Members Ministry greets new members immediately after they join the church and give them information that include a written greeting from our pastor, a list of church ministries and leaders, collects the new members information for our church data base. Members that join and need to be baptized are also given preliminary instructions during this time. New Members Ministry also conducts New Members Orientation.

Women (Mission)

The Women’s Ministry inspires each sister in the faith, to continuously build a better relationship with God and each other. This ministry provides activities and outings for relationship building throughout the year.

Worship & Fine Arts

Music Ministry

The Music Ministry of Trinity provides uplifting praise, worship and choral music during our services, bible study and specially requested events.

Youth of LOVE

Teens ages 13-18 are welcomed to sing in this choir. Musical range: Youthful Contemporary Christian

The Children Of LOVE

Children ages 5-12 are welcome to sing in this choir. Musical range: Children’s Christian Music

Servant Leaders (Deacons)


The Deacons Ministry serves the Lord and His Church by assisting the Pastor in meeting the spiritual and physical needs of the church.  Servant Leaders are appointed by The Pastor.  They assist by caring for the poor, the sick, the preparation and administration of the Ordinances; service of the Communion and Baptism; and in ministering to the spiritual interests of families in the Church and community. 



The Ushers Ministry serves the entire church with a smile.  The Ushers Ministry serve as a chosen representative of the church and minister with love to all that come within the doors of the church. We will maintain an atmosphere of reverence and order within the sanctuary so that the Holy Spirit can be manifested. We are to set the tone for visitors and families alike as the greet and seat them.